Blockchain technology for developers

Blockchains can work with any domain through their ability to created auditable workflows and immutable data stores. There is a growing demand for blockchain developers as multiple business domains and companies experiment with this emerging technology. In contrast with some other emerging skillsets, blockchains are very easy to learn and code for. This course will get you upto speed as a developer very quickly in just 5 hours time.

Training Contents

Online training sessions of 1 Hour each (through hangouts, skype or any audio visual tool of your choice). You should be familiar with basic computing and web.
  • Class 1 - Basics
    • Basic features of blockchains
    • Structure of a block - header, transactions
    • Blockchain Vs regular databases
    • What is the reason for a blockchain solution to exist.
    • Blockchain based systems - Distributed Ledgers (Ethereum, Hyperledger etc. ), cryptocurrencies (BitCoin, Ethers)
    • Popular blockchain platforms - Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger etc.
  • Class 2 - Cryptography
    • Hashes
    • Public Key Cryptography
    • RSA and ECC - Encryption and Digital Signatures
    • Basic Demonstrations using Javascript
    • Building a Proof of work blockchain
  • Class 3 - Smart Contracts
    • Solidity - Basic layout
    • Address Type, Contract to Contract calls
    • Ether and token transfers
    • openzepplin, ERC standards (20, 721, 1155)
  • Class 4 - Basic Tools
    • Ethersjs - Desktop Dapp integration with metamask
    • Walletconnect - Mobile Dapp integration
    • Deployment tools - Etherscan, testnets, faucets
  • Class 5 - End to end Dapp
    • A defi/ NFT / exchange project
    • token transfers/disbbursements, ether conversions
    • Oracles integration
    • Q & A