Blockchain Technology Training

Blockchains are one of the greatest innovations of the decade. Proper conceptual understanding of this technology can provide a totally new dimension to your business/career. I am an enterprise architect with 15 years of experience. Feel free to connect with me for a demonstration/discussion related to your training/project related requirements.

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The Trainer

Trainer with more than 6 years of blockchain development experience, and a total of 13 years of IT experience

The Training

Content tailored for both business and technology tracks - to help business personnel and development teams onboard themselves. Platforms - Hyperledger, Ethereum, layer -2 Solutions, Bitcoin and others

The delivery

Online, On premises workshops/sessions, Faculty Training for University.

The outcome

Enables you to be very well placed to evaluate the technology and not be lead by the hype of various business propositions through blockchain/ development platforms.

Packaged Modules

Business track
5 classes
(5 Hours - USD 350.00)
  • What is a blockchain (non tech), what are the various types of it.
  • How can it be used in my specific business/domain
  • What are the costs for setting up various blockchain systems for my business objective.
  • What are the data privacy and legality concerns.
  • What are the next steps for me if I am interested.
Technology track
5 classes
(5 Hours - USD 350.00)
  • Basics - consensus, transactions and distributed computing.
  • Crypto - hashes, digital signatures, RSA, ECC
  • Smart Contract Development (Solidity, Nodejs - others)
  • Tools - Metamask, Walletconnect, ethersjs, web3js, remix, hardhat
  • Create an end to end dapp (ERC 20/721/1155 token enabled Defi use case)
Specialized Training
custom classes
(X Hours)
  • Specific blockchain platforms - e.g. Solana, Stellar, Cardano, Polkadot etc.
  • Special objectives - forking ethereum, zkp, solidity audits, consensus plugins
  • Specific Use cases - NFT curations, Defi, Analytics, Cross chain, metaverse etc.
  • Special tools - scafold-eth, tenderly, moralis, the graph
  • End to end project architecture, development and deployment